Shamima Begum will be let back in to the UK?

Despite public outrage and the strong remarks by both Ben Wallace and the Home Secretary Sajid Javid, there is growing concern that Shamima Begum, the jihadi bride who ran away at 15 to join IS and who is now in a refugee camp in Syria, will be let back in to the UK with her new born baby. But this is nothing new, it is estimated that 400 of the 850 British citizens that went off to join the terror group, have already returned.

The campaign to have Shamima returned is already gaining momentum. She is of course a victim, her father, who took part in a demonstration alongside Lee Rigby killer Michael Adebowale in 2012, absolving his family of any responsibility for the sequence of events that saw her and her two friends fly to Turkey and onwards Syria.

Tasnime Akunjee with Shamima’s father at a hearing on her case. Her family absolve themselves of any responsibilty for her actions

Then of course there is her solicitor; Tasnime Akunjee, who is on the record for saying that those who call for the death of British soldiers, should not be defined as extremist because ‘I think it is actually a soldier’s job to die’. Mr Akunjee is obviously doing well from his endeavours, as in 2015 he was living in a block near Marble Arch, where flats typically sell for more than £1 million.

The humanitarian lawyers that have so quickly come to Shamima’s aid have become her voice, but who will speak for the real victims?

I’m often in Iraq and Syria and I have visited many refugee camps. One of the visits took me to a Yazidi camp where some of the stories that I was told were truly horrific. Young girls used as sex slaves, taken in busloads, shipped off to wealthy Arab’s in the Gulf, and the mass killings, the genocide, children made to watch as their mothers and fathers were killed before them.

Mount Sinjar, in northern Iraq is where the worst of the pogroms took place and they are now unearthing the mass graves. I offer an open invitation to Mr Akunjee and any other humanitarian lawyer so quick to defend the members of IS to join me. I would like for them to see the mutilated bodies, smell the decay and explain to the Yazidi girls who were taken as sex slaves, and who now are so desperate to have normality why they think that Shamima Begum is a victim.

A Yazidi fleeing IS at Mount Sinjar where 1000s were massacred and enslaved

‘The law is an arse’ is the famous Dickensian line. However, I can think of something far stronger to call the laws that allow a mockery to be made of common sense and the British values that have made this country great. Those that can work the system are doing very well, it is time that these parasites are stopped.

richard c pendryAuthor : RICHARD C PENDRY is a security consultant, author and public speaker who has been delivering resilience solutions in the form of risk, crisis and business continuity management and Terrorism Awareness to his varied clients since 2005. He is available for news commentary and press articles. He holds degrees in Security & Risk Management (Leicester) and Terrorism & Political Violence (St Andrews), his debut novel Damascus Redemption was released in 2016.

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